Perkins (china) P30

Lovol power brand engine is to uphold Perkins UK seventy years Powertrain manufacturing experience and the world’s leading technology, in view of global dynamic needs of the field, met with Germany BOSCH, Austria AVL, American Southwest Research Institute and the China Automotive Technology Research Institute, Tianjin University and other well-known domestic and foreign internal combustion engine research and development institutions, to establish R & D projects as the carrier of the cooperation relationship from the introduction of technology, through digestion and absorption, to create a design and development of European descent and modern advanced technology of classic power.

Advance Featured

  • Tianjin Lovol Engine.
  • Advance technology and Stable performance.
  • Compact mechanism and mature design.
  • Good cooling system.
  • LED digital display and modular control.
  • Multiple safety measures.
  • Rigorous factory test.


  • More safe, stable and reliable power.
  • Long services life, Economical.
  • Beautiful appearance and small size.
  • User-friendly design and simple operation.
  • People-oriented and safety first.
  • Environmental Friendly.
  • Base fuel tank for at least 10 hours running.