JTE Battery

JTE is a professional international trading, service and high-tech enterprise, mainly engaged in new energy products. JTE operate behind the outstanding enterprise from China, which named Jiu Tong New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. The major products of the company include electric bicycle/tricycle batteries, electric vehicles batteries, and solar power energy storage batteries with the high-tech of valve regulated lead acid gel type. Solar off-grid power generation systems and solar road lamps, etc.


The network of a company which has been in the power industries for over 50 years. Our systems can deliver continuous power supply for industries, residences, hospitals, government offices, educational institutions and commercial entities. The range of such systems is from 1 KW to 100KW. They are zero maintenance systems with periodic cleaning of modules required. Ensuring minimum payback periods on your investment.


Echo-Friendly and Free Maintenance

Using new technologies for the production techniques: combine with SIO2 and sulphuric acid with high quality polymer materials.

Pollution Free

During the process of operating there is no pollution caused in surrounding areas. The standard of the environment friendly green production confirms to internationally recognized standards.

Long Term life cycle

Full silica gel is utilized to ensure extremely long cycle life and excellent performance under hogy temperature. No water needed in the process of using no acid mist and no sulfuric acid spilled. Application Using special material silicon sulphide negative plate with low interference on curing sulfureting positive plate with low shelling.

Low Shelf Discharge

Design to comply with high quality and natural raw materials and a set of strict production process.


Electrical cars, hybrid cars, golf carts, utility vehicles, electric buses, tourist sightseeing cars, ships and patrol cars etc.


Using germen nanoscale silica colloidal electrolyte, unique active substance formula, advantages of JIUTONG EVF series: high capacity, long service life, free maintenance, green environment etc.

Germany imported nanosillica is with penetrable small colloidal size, and able to spread to the depth of electrode effectively. With the effect of electric field, it can aggregate into coral shape change group, effectively absorb electrochemical reaction ions, from a gas channel, and regulate the depth charge/discharge capacity. Special active material formulation increases the frame network effectively which increase energy reserves, reduces internal resistance of the battery, prevents electrode softening, and prevents sulfation, to elongate the life. The latest lead calcium alloy electrode is equipped with tough corrosion resistance, high oxygen composite composite efficiency, which can improve the sealing reaction process, and allow the electrochemical reaction to proceed in the sealed state.

Replenish is not required during the usage, which emphasizes the product features as maintenance-free, and green environment.


Large capacity, high specific power

With imported high purity raw materials and the national patent technology, excellent large current discharge performance and large capacity.

High capacity at low temperature

The product is of strong acceptability under low temperature to avoid the mileage during winter.

Fast charge and higher acceptance ability

Scientific structure design accords to the QC/T742-2006, fast charging, charging capacity 100% an hour.

Maintenance free, quick charging

Valve controlled sealed structure; little water loss, without water replenishing maintenance, using multi intelligent charging method, normally 5-6 hours to achieve a full charge.

Good recovery capability of over discharging recovery capability

With the rare earth to effectively improve the connection of the conductive grid and active material. 100% recover of the battery capacity for occasionally over discharge.

Large current discharge, excellent performance

Silver plated wire core structure is used for pole terminal, firm and reliable connection, safety, convenience, more conducive to large current display.

Better uniformity

New patented formula, special new process, to guarantee the uniformity of multi-cell used in series.

Environmental protection

Reliable full sealed structure design, with the unique gelled electrolyte, no leakage and acid fog, safe and reliable placement of any direction, the national green new energy project.