H&M offer our maintenance service to their customer to fit their requirement of all type of generator maintenance service with the shortage of power supply now a day in Pakistan generator want proper maintenance to service long time with smooth performance generator want oil, water and filter regularly.

H&M has a well and profound knowledge, competence to service virtually any make and model of generator.

We have arranged the maintenance plans to fit your requirements as your budget. Our staff is with highly skilled professionals who assure you for quality maintenance.

We are fully aware that your product is depend power supply, and generators can provide you best power back up during the shortage of your power supply. For this purpose the Generators need quality maintenance for example the car in order to keep them running smoothly without any disturbance. Generator is need the change of water, Oil and Filters Regularly to avoid the seamless operation.

H&M provide different type of services depend on your usage of generator like official, home and industrial.

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