Domestic Solar

H&M is the best company for providing domestic solar solutions in Pakistan. Investing in solar energy system for your home is one of the best ways to save money. It increases the value of your home, protects you from future increases in electricity tariff, and helps the environment by turning to clean energy. The vision of H&M is to provide the world’s best solar solutions at affordable cost. We help our clients optimize day-to-day energy requirements in a cost effective manner. Different types of residential solutions are available with respect to customers’ need.

1 – 30 kVA off-grid & 1 – 30 kW on-grid and hybrid solutions are available for AC & DC loads. Please discuss your load for single/3 phase load solutions along with desired backup.

1 – 30 KVA Off Grid & Hybrid Solutions are available for AC & Non AC Load. Please discuss for your customized load for single phase / 3 phase load solutions along with desired backup. We are always available for DOMESTIC SOLAR SOLUTION in Pakistan.