Net Metering in Pakistan
The power policy in Pakistan is known as net metering for consumers who either already have or intend to build a facility for Renewable Energy. They are allowed to use solar energy to generate electricity under this programme, both for their own needs and to feed any excess into the national grid. The extra energy is then used during periods of low usage or when the RE plant cannot produce enough energy to meet consumer demand.
According to the contract, the respective DISCO decides how consumers will be paid. The NEPRA announced net metering laws in September 2015, allowing Pakistani DISCOs to buy extra power that customers produced and offset it against the grid’s consumed units.
How to Apply Net Metering in Pakistan?
Application for Net Metering: Any applicant who complies with the NEPRA regulation’s requirements for the DG must submit their application and all necessary supporting documentation to the appropriate DISCO office.
Application receipt acknowledgement: After receiving the application, the DISCO will confirm receipt and inform the applicant if the application is complete. Following receipt of the application, this will be completed in 5 working days.
In case of missing information:If any pertinent information is missing from an application form, or if a required document is not submitted, the applicant will be notified and given seven days to provide the missing information or document to the DISCO.
Initial Evaluation: The DISCO will undertake a preliminary review of your application after receiving it, complete as necessary, to see if you qualify for the Interconnection Amenity while meeting the extra requirements.
It will take 20 working days to conduct this preliminary review.
Technical Feasibility
The application will be returned by the DISCO within 3 working days and the applicant will be informed of the reason if the preliminary review reveals that the proposed amenity is inappropriate.
Agreement: The two parties will sign a contract if the DISCO office determines that the applicant is eligible to be a DG. This will take place in ten business days.
License Generation: Within seven working days after the agreement’s signing, a copy of this agreement between the applicant and DISCO will be sent to NEPRA together with an application for the issuance of a generation license.
CCE Payment: The applicant must deposit the CCE (Connection Charge Estimate) in the appropriate bank before notifying the DISCO’s office in writing. This payment must be made as instructed in the CCE and delivered by the DISCO within 20 days of the CCE’s issuance.
Interconnection Facility: Within 30 days of the suggested interconnection amenity, the DISCO office will proceed with the installation and commissioning after receiving the applicant’s payment. After NEPRA confirms the Distributed Generator’s issuance of a generation license, this becomes payable.
Fee: Free for 0-20 KW, Rs. 500 for 20-50 KW, Rs. 1000 for 50-100 KW, Rs. 1000 for 100-1000 KW.
After learning about Net Metering in Pakistan, you may conclude that it is a fantastic alternative to generate your own renewable energy in Pakistan, especially in light of the fact that the nation frequently experiences load shedding and blackouts due to a massive 4000 MW energy shortage..