Are you thinking about installing solar panels and a battery system in your home? Rooftop solar panels and house batteries are now more affordable, accessible, dependable, and efficient than they have ever been. We’ve produced a list of the top five benefits of solar energy.

  1. Allows you to manage your electricity

Solar panels and house batteries can provide independence from utility companies while also ensuring predictable electric costs. This helps you to minimize peak electricity costs while also providing reliable backup power in the case of a grid outage.

Electricity prices have increased by 15% globally over the last 10 years, and this trend is expected to continue. Solar service agreements can provide low, consistent prices that are often lower than your electric company’s rates, so you should anticipate spending less for power on average when you go solar.

  1. Produces energy that is both clean and renewable

Solar energy is a clean, emission-free, and sustainable energy source for your home. Unlike fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas, home solar does not release harmful pollutants or greenhouse gas emissions such as carbon dioxide into the air or water.

Solar can save more than 25,000 lives and save $167 billion in health and environmental losses by reducing air pollution.

  1. Increases the value of your home

Another benefit of home solar and batteries is that they raise the value of your home. Solar panels increase the value of a home by 4.1 percent on average across the United States. That means a $500,000 home may see a $20,500 rise in value.

Although specific figures vary depending on the installation and location, current studies show that each kilowatt of solar panels added increases the resale value by $4,020 to $5,911 on average.

  1. Is eligible for tax rebates and financial incentives

Many customers opt for third-party ownership of solar and batteries, which allows them to enjoy all of the system’s benefits for a minimal monthly fee. Others, on the other hand, prefer to purchase their systems outright. On average, solar panels cost between $16,200 and $21,420.9. Depending on where you live, you may be able to cover a considerable portion of the cost of your solar PV system and potentially pay it off in a relatively short period of time thanks to the federal solar tax credit, local rebates, net metering, and other incentives.

The cost of a typical rooftop solar installation and battery is typically recouped in the sale price of a home. Additionally, homeowners that invest in solar are rewarded with lower energy bills and favorable tax advantages that can pay the cost of the system multiple times throughout the warranty period.

  1. Costs have decreased

The cost of home solar systems has plummeted in recent years, plummeting by more than 70% in only the previous decade. The price of household solar batteries has also been reduced significantly.

Even if prices are reducing, out-of-pocket expenses can pile up quickly. That’s why Sun run offers a home solar service agreement with a 25-year Sun run Guarantee to make renewable energy accessible and affordable to everyone. Clean energy sources like residential solar are without a doubt what we need to keep the air clean, have reliable power, and safeguard our communities.


We all know that Solar panels have made our lives easy and are super affordable so by looking at the above-mentioned advantages, let’s get one!

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Solar energy has evolved into Solar Panels and the world knows how important they have become. This blog post will take you through the top five advantages of Solar panels to convince you to have one!