If photovoltaic panels require little daily maintenance, they are not immune to the effects of time and weather. This is why, approximately every six months or at least once a year, it is advisable to clean your photovoltaic panels. But you still need to know how to clean them properly. Find out how to do this here.

Why clean photovoltaic panels?

You thought that the most complicated in the production of solar energy was the installation of photovoltaic panels? This is not completely wrong: once in place, your solar panels do not need to be monitored. On the other hand, they regularly need to be cleaned.

If you are wondering why cleaning your photovoltaic panels is important, the answer is simple: the passage of time and bad weather deposit dust and various types of dirt (chimney ashes, bird droppings, tree leaves, pollen, etc.) which can lead to a drop in the performance of your photovoltaic panels.

Also, beyond guaranteeing optimal performance from your installation and therefore lowering your energy bill, cleaning your photovoltaic panels extends their lifespan, so that they last well beyond 25 years.

How to clean photovoltaic panels?

To clean a photovoltaic panel, it will be necessary to rinse the installation to rid it of all the accumulated dirt. Exercise caution as this is work at height and therefore potentially dangerous. To avoid taking risks, use a telescopic pole, combined with pure, temperate water. This will be your best ally for rinsing your entire panel with ease. Otherwise, you can opt for the passage of a soft cloth on the panels.

In general, avoid stepping on your photovoltaic panel at all costs, whatever the occasion. Also, never use a high-pressure jet, as it could damage the joints of your panel frame. Finally, avoid rubbing or scratching your solar panel, even if some dirt remains after cleaning. Such an action could scratch the glass.

If you are afraid to clean your photovoltaic panels alone or if you are not satisfied with the result of your cleaning, you can call on a professional. The latter, employed in a company specializing in cleaning, will have the perfect equipment and the right gestures to effectively clear the dirt from your solar panel in all its nooks and crannies. On average, the price to pay will be around 10 euros per square meter of surface to be treated.

The benefits of regular cleaning

According to a study carried out by the photovoltaic laboratory of the Bern University of Applied Sciences, failure to clean photovoltaic panels can cause a loss of efficiency of the latter varying between 3 and 16%. Conversely, with regular cleaning, some individuals may notice an improved performance of 2.5 to 5%. As you can see, it is clearly in your interest to clean your photovoltaic panels as regularly as possible.

Bet on a green offer

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