To save electricity and therefore reduce your energy bill in your home, it is very important to put in place good practices daily. If a few everyday gestures make it possible to lower it, other reflexes are to be adopted as soon as possible to make even more savings. Discover some tips to pay less and reduce the electricity bill.

1- Compare electricity prices

Reducing the electricity bill does not have to go through deprivation or giving up your comfort. To pay less per kilowatt-hour, you must first compare the rates offered by the different electricity suppliers. Thus, by favoring more interesting formulas, you are sure to save on electricity, and this, without changing your habits.

2- Switch to off-peak hours

Day and night, electricity is cheaper during certain time slots. These so-called off-peak hours are the ideal time to run your washing machine or dishwasher, thanks to delayed starts. This is also the perfect time to operate your storage water heater. With Total Energies, you can also benefit from the Super Off-peak Hours offer to further reduce your bill.

3- Have a thermostat installed

To reduce the electricity bill, it is necessary to control the cost of heating. Indeed, it represents nearly 60% of the household’s energy budget. By having a Nest-connected thermostat installed, you are sure to save electricity in winter, when your expenses are the highest.

5- Turn off the light when you leave a room

Turning off the light when leaving a room is a basic rule for saving electricity. This gesture must become systematic and be taught from an early age so that children also learn to save energy.

6- Enjoy daylight for longer

In summer, the sun sets much later than in winter. This is the perfect opportunity to continue enjoying the daylight, without turning on those insides. Thus, by leaving the shutters wide open in the evening, you benefit from very pleasant natural lighting.

7- Lower the hot water temperature

Lowering the temperature of the storage water heater is a great way to reduce your electricity bill. Indeed, a few degrees less helps to save electricity, without reducing your comfort during the shower.

8- Lower the temperature of the radiators


Lowering the radiator thermostat is a great way to reduce the electricity bill. Indeed, lowering the indoor air by a small degree makes it possible to reduce the electrical consumption of radiators. This will affect your annual electricity bill.

9- Opt for cold washing

The washing machine is one of the electrical appliances that consume the most in the house. In most cases, clothes do not need to be washed above 40°C, a cold cycle is often enough to remove minor stains and bad smells. Opt for washing at 30°C or less to save electricity.

TotalEnergies offers to pay less

10- Carry out an energy balance

The energy balance is a TotalEnergies service that will allow you to save electricity. Indeed, after a short questionnaire, you will be informed of the different ways to reduce your electricity bill. Insulation work, installation of less energy-consuming appliances… there are many solutions to reduce your energy costs. Thanks to the energy balance you will obtain all the information necessary to make your home more economical.

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