How many more tidal waves, floods, storms, and droughts finally take the necessary measures to save our planet?

Global warming is a complex problem that affects the entire planet. However, the most developed and industrialized countries are the first responsible without always being the first victims. Global warming is a worrying situation that we citizens can try to improve: we just need to commit individually to the energy transition. Installing solar panels on your house is, for example, a simple way to counter the rise in the thermometer and the consequences that we know.


Global warming caused by greenhouse gas emissions is a global catastrophe. The problem lies largely in the massive use of fossil fuels (87% of the energies currently used in the world) which emit huge quantities of CO2 into the atmosphere and disrupt the climate.

The burning of oil combined with the destruction of forests to push intensive agriculture and livestock farming are the primary causes of global warming. In the line of sight: the rise in temperatures which melts the ice, therefore, raises the waters, increases precipitation, and accentuates the acidification of the oceans… quite simply.


Photovoltaic energy as we offer it with Panosol represents a very interesting alternative to the use of fossil fuels because solar energy is a clean and inexhaustible resource. Installing solar panels is an effective way to fight against global warming. In other words, the more solar installations there are on our roofs, the less France will have to produce electricity from polluting raw materials, and the less we will release CO2 into the atmosphere.

The energy payback time for the manufacture of solar panels is really short. This time is calculated from the ratio between the total energy consumed during the manufacture of the solar panel, its transport, its installation, its recycling, and the energy it will produce annually. It takes about 3 years of energy payback time for photovoltaic systems knowing that a photovoltaic installation has a lifespan of about 30 years.

We must keep in mind that renewable energies are numerous and inexhaustible:

  • Solar Photovoltaic To Generate Electricity From The Sun
  • Solar Thermal To Produce Hot Water From The Sun
  • Hydroelectricity To Generate Electricity Using Water
  • Wind Turbine To Generate Electricity From The Wind
  • Biomass, I.E. Organic Matter Of Plant, Animal, Or Bacterial Origin That Can Be Used As An Energy Source (Bioenergy)

We must count on all these renewable energies today to build our world of tomorrow because the longer we wait, the higher the bill will be from an economic and environmental point of view.

Ultimately, becoming aware of the urgency of the situation is the first step, but you have to take the second step and ACT by switching to renewable energies. Our company is a player in the energy sources, we help you in this process, contact us!