To reduce electricity bills or provide additional income, to gain energy autonomy or for environmental reasons, photovoltaic is the energy solution of the 21st century. Naturally, more and more people are thinking of investing in this method of producing free electricity. But not at any price. A significant investment, the photovoltaic installation must be able to ensure efficient profitability. In an increasingly competitive market, low-cost solar panel is now commonplace. Be careful, however, to carefully study the content of the offer.

Solar panel: falling price and rising performance

The photovoltaic market is flourishing, so much so that the price of the solar panel is no longer an obstacle to investment. Before buying, however, be sure to ask yourself the right questions: what is included in the price, what are the criteria for price variations, what is a solar panel worth at a discount price… so many essential questions to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Your solar installation, an investment now affordable

Although the photovoltaic effect was discovered almost 180 years ago, solar energy has only recently been used as a means of generating electricity. But the many advantages of photovoltaics were revealed very quickly and the enthusiasm created proved to be such that manufacturers produced more, to the great satisfaction of consumers who were gradually able to take advantage of affordable prices. The law of the market imposes that more demand implies an increase in production, with ultimately a substantial drop in the price of the solar panel. At the same time, the performance of photovoltaic installations increased.

The cost of photovoltaics has long represented an obstacle to this investment. But in nearly 10 years, the price of the solar panel has fallen by 90%: a cost divided by 11, to which is added an optimized yield and an extended lifespan, photovoltaic is now an obvious energy solution. All the more so in a context where electricity prices are constantly increasing…

Solar panel kit: the price of equipment and installation

The price of the solar panel does not always include the same services. Before buying a photovoltaic kit, seduced by its low price, it is essential to check what the offer includes. For knowing the exact prices of all sorts of solar solutions get in touch with us at 03041117784 or visit our website.


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